Reading Assignment 3

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Reading 3 (main reading assignment)

Select one of these articles:

Whitelaw, Mitchell. 2006. “System Stories and Model Worlds: A Critical Approach to Generative Art.” in Readme 100: Temporary Software Art Factory. Norderstedt: BoD.

Boden, Margaret and Ernest Edmonds. 2009. “What is Generative Art.” Digital Creativity, 20, No. 1-2: 21-46. You can skip section III, as highlighted in text.

Dorin, Alan, Jonathan McCabe, Jon McCormack, Gordon Monro and Mitchell Whitelaw. 2012. “A Framework for Understanding Generative Art.” Digital Creativity, 23, No. 3-4: 239–259.

Galanter, Philip. 2016. “Generative Art Theory.” In A Companion to Digital Art, edited by Christiane Paul. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: 146-180.

Read it and do the research about its topics and its broader context: what artworks and other texts it references.
Relate the themes addressed to your generative art study, to forthcoming generative art project you are developing, and to your broader creative work and interests.
Wrap it all up in a two-page essay, about 1000 words.
Include images, videos, links, bibliographic and other references.

Post it to the OSS Research category, and prepare for live presentation to the class by Week 11 (29 Oct).

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