Course Description and Learning Objectives

Course Description

Generative art unfolds in a range of creative methodologies for consciously interacting predefined systems with different factors of unpredictability throughout conceptualizing, producing and presenting the artwork. It appreciates and cultivates the artwork as a dynamic catalysing event or process, inspired by curiosity, susceptible to chance and open for change.

This course is a platform for the creative exploration of generativity in making art, using analogue and/or digital tools. It will provide you with the grounding for an understanding of generativity as a powerful cognitive toolset and medium-independent framework which makes crucial contributions to media art and design.

Learning Objectives

You will examine different aspects and factors of generativity, and apply them to develop strategies and techniques for creating your own generative artworks. You will learn about popular software tools and hardware devices for generative experimentation, sketching, testing and complex project development. You will be exposed to a full spectrum of contemporary exponents, practices and aesthetics relevant to the field, ranging from minimalist generativity to creative artificial intelligence and machine learning.