Week 8 (Oct 8) – Initial presentation of generative artwork – Updated!


Initial presentation of generative artwork, discussion and consultations.

Present your idea development, first sketches and tests for your generative art project.


Hardware Tools for Generative Art Overview.

A quick overview of popular hardware for generative new media art and design such as compact, open-source 2D and 3D printers, interactive input/tracking devices such as Leap Motion, Kinect and Intel RealSense, physical computing platforms such as Arduino and Intel Galileo, and systems on a chip such as Raspberry Pi. Their usage scopes, trade-offs, learning resources and strategies. You will be or already are experimenting with some of these devices to facilitate generative processes and interaction.


Nathan Selikoff’s video

More pertinent to your work in this phase of generative art learning, research and project development are the examples of generative art projects and artists for your comparison and inspiration.

Please take a look at the following section with exemplar set of generative artworks and artists, short documentaries and resources which will be useful to all of you.

Enjoy, but be careful as browsing through all this can be time consuming.

Examples and Resources

The specific works [Artist Name – YEAR – Title] are all Googleable.

Links are to artists’ websites with several interesting works.

Aaron Koblin – 2005-2009 – Flight Patterns
Andreas Nicolas Fischer
Andreas Schlegel – 2019 – Machine Training with Visual Overlay
Andy Lomas
Benjamin Grosser – 2013 – Computers Watching Movies
Brandon Morse
Daito Manabe – 2011 – Particles
Eno Henze http://enohenze.de/
Frederik Vanhoutte
Hector Rodriguez – 2019 – Errant – The Kinetic Propensity of Images
Jan Dibbets
Jonathan McCabe (Vimeo)
Julian Palacz – 2014 – Surveillance Studies
Marius Watz
Maxim Zhestkov
Metacreation Lab
Morgan O’Hara – 2010 – Noodle Factory Worker
Ned Kahn – 1992 – Sonic Range
Norimichi Hirakawa – 2010 – the irreversible
Norimichi Hirakawa – 2012 – quaternary
Onformative – 2012 – Unnamed Soundsculpture
Ong Kian Peng – 2011 – Perceptio
Ozan T├╝rkkan
Paul Prudence
Phillip Stearns
Quadrature – 2016 – Orbits
Robert Hodgin / Flight404
Scott Eaton – 2019 – Entangled II
Semiconductor – 2011 – 20Hz
Thomas Briggs
Tina Frank
Vladimir Todorovic – 2013 – 1985
Weidi Zhang – 2018 – Lavin
Woody Vasulka & Brian O’Reilly – 2009 – Scan Processor Studies (analog)

You will find many examples and artists working with generative visualization and drawing in this project: Martin Fuchs & Peter Bichsel – 2011 – Written Images Project

Video documentaries
V.A. (PBS) – Off Book – 2012 – Generative Art
V.A. (PBS) – Off Book – 2013 – The Art of Creative Coding

Vice: The Creators Project is an online repository with news and various new media and generative art projects.

Google Experiments is an online repository of various interactive projects.

Matt Pearson’s Generative Art (2010) is one of generative art manuals based on Processing, with a lots of examples.

Week 9 (Oct 15) Class

Consultations 4:30 to 6 PM
Guest Talk by Philippe Kocher 6 to 7:30 PM

Will be ONLINE via Zoom.

Will post and email the link next Tuesday.