Sketch #1 – LED Room

Sketching upĀ  gestural changes of a phone to control the lighting in a room. Group work done with Ho Qin Kai and Amanda Lee.



  • Control the lights with your friends through a chatroom
  • Send different messages to control the color (rgb, or color name)
  • Send different messages to control the light form (spotlight, light wash, strobe, etc)
  • Specific words trigger specific effects too!


  • Shake your phone to change the lights
  • For when you’re listening to music and jamming to the tempo/beats
  • Color of the lights randomly change everytime your phone moves
  • But how long each light holds depends on if you shake your phone or not#3-


  • Change the saturation of the colored light with the height of the phone
  • The higher it is from the ground, the more saturated the color; the lower the phone, the more washed out it is#4-

  • Use your phone to draw out specific shapes or certain gestures to generate different lights!
  • Presave the gestures and their resultant lights
  • Eg: Drawing a star would fill the room with a twinkling yellow light


Amanda and I decided to work on ideas #1 and #3! However, I realized that I would first need to change our ideas slightly. Firstly for idea #1, I realized that typing is not a gesture oops, but we still want to keep the essence of changing the lights with the help of your friend. So instead of texts, the triggers for idea #1 will be phone taps on two separate devices. Tapping your finger at a specific area on one screen will change the saturation, and tapping a specific number of points on the other will change the color. However, my phone had some problems with touch controls on zigsim, so I was unable to do this as well… so I decided to do idea #4, which was the most concrete idea. Android phone doesnt work with wekinator so I had to borrow an Ipad to work with!

Concept: Draw shapes on your phone screen to change the color of the LED strip

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