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FYP Presentation 4

Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes Videos showing the cephalopods skin and texture changes   Presentation 4 Feedback: Fabrizio: Life is not just based on “Hi” and “Bye”. There are more complex messages. Whatsapp messages are private and solves the problem Feels that messaging/communication via light does not make sense… Read more →

Covert Comms

  World’s First Covert Communications System with Camouflage Guaranteed Sometimes encrypting messages isn’t enough, and the very act of sending them must be hidden as well. Now physicists have discovered how to camouflage messages and guarantee that they remain hidden. The world of cryptography has undergone a quiet revolution in recent years. That’s largely because of the advent of techniques… Read more →

Mantis Shrimp: Communication using a secret, polarized light language Mantis shrimps are known as aggressive animals. They have a pair of legs at the front used to catch their prey, but 40 times faster than the preying mantis. They can pack a punch like a 0.22 calibre bullet and can break aquarium glass. However, a University of Queensland study of mantis shrimp discovered a new form of light communication employed by… Read more →

Deep Ocean Creatures

      Bioluminescence Countless species have evolved to create their own light. Deep under the sea, creatures make their own light – Bioluminescence. For animals that are unable to produce their own bioluminescence, they harness bacteria that allows them to. These spectral animals do not glow in the dark to see where they are going, they use light to communicate. Flashes… Read more →


Cephalopods are a classification of sea animals that consist of octopus, squids and cuttlefishes. These sea creatures are known to be deaf. How do they communicate with one another? Cephalopods – Squids, Octopus and Cuttlefishes are known for their Camouflaging Octopus and cuttlefish can change their skin texture. Only animal known to have fine control over its skin texture (Bumpiness)… Read more →

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