FYP Abtract Draft 1 : 25

School is ending in less than a year, and with that also brings an end to the comfort zone of predictability. The uncertainty of the future along with the expectation set upon by the years of conditioning by the Singapore culture of “kiasu-ism” and “kiasi-ism” scares and worries me greatly. At the same time, I am 25years old, a quarter of a century, thus naturally the thought of death is also part of what scares me for the future. However not just my death, but the death of my loved ones and not knowing how much time I have left with them.

With all these thoughts in my head, it had me questioning myself on my existence and my understanding of time in relation to the future.
Thus this project will be for me to explore my own existence with time as my guide to navigate the uncertainty of the future, searching for the right question, not the answer.

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