The Space In-between

This is the second proposal I have floating in my brain at the same time as I guess it’ll be good to just put it out there. I figure I could somehow tie it together with my first idea.

Gist / Details:

My aim is to find answers or create them about the question I always had in the back of my mind, what happens before life happens and after life fades away? This unknown plays a huge factor in how a life is being lived. Imagine knowing that there is actually nothing after death, would morals and social etiquette matter anymore?

The significance of this project is that by having an understanding of the before and after of one’s life, one would live their life differently, maybe with a purpose, maybe with a different outlook of how they should behave, but overall with a change.

References and proposed readings:

Ma: Harmony, Balance and the In-Between (FYP 2012/2013)

by: Tan Luting

Religious Texts of all Faith

eg. Bible, Quran, Buddhist text on Nirvana / After-life

Kant’s take on Faith

eg. (

(More Philosophy text, need more research on this)

Scientific Journal on the moments before death / near death experience.

eg. (

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