Final: The Aquarium Experiment

And so, I have come up with a new idea that got inspired from my draft idea – ‘Fish tank Goggles’.

I wanted to do more than just a goggles with fish tank stuck on it. So I thought, why not try to feel that I am inside an Aquarium instead?

In this final construction, I decided to do more by combining 2 senses together – our sense of hearing and sight.

I constructed a headphones made of seashells as: there is a popular folk myth that holding a seashell to one’s ear, one can hear the sound of the ocean.
Together with the VR goggles which will display visuals of the Aquarium VR app, one can take a journey under the sea to discover what lies beneath the virtual aquarium.


Check out the documentation of ‘The Aquarium Experiment’ –


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