Progress update: ‘Plastic Waste’

As I was brainstorming on my final project – ‘Plastic Waste’, I wanted to find a way to reduce the amount of cooling fans used.

Therefore, I came up with this idea of attaching a vacuum to one of the end of the pair of fans. And through that vacuum, I connected a 3 long tubes with a warp connecting them all together. Using the warp, I tried to make it like a ‘switch’ to turn on/off the air flow for each tube whenever I wanted to.




After gathering all the materials today, this is the test product I’ve made!



After much testing, sadly I decided to scrape this idea away as the air flow was too small and far too slow to inflate the plastic bags. It did not managed to get the ‘breathing’ effect that I wanted for this installation.

Till then,

Off to experiment an alternative!

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