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The Tiller Girls

“The Tiller Girls is a group of 12 small autonomous robots. These robots were developed in Artificial Intelligence for the study of gaits given minimal freedom of movements. The robots can only balance their torsos and shoulders but they can yet achieve a large variety of expressions and behaviors.” I think it is interesting that this work was ‘inspired’ by… Read more →

Sleeping in the Power Sockets by Candice Ng

Prior to looking at her website and artworks, I’ve done a bit of research on Candice. As I looked into her past working experiences and exhibitions, I find myself searching for more of her works as I like the way how she explore human relations with objects in different mediums. “She is interested to explore the frameworks of relationships that are negotiated between… Read more →

Nike Interactive digital art installation

‘Nike’s interactive digital art installation’ – At the Milan Design week, Nike launched a new digital art installation that uses Microsoft Kinect technology to mimic and react to human bodies interacting with the digital screen, which copies the human movement and displays it in brightly coloured light patterns on the screen. http://www.digitalmeetsculture.net/article/nikes-interactive-digital-art-installation/ Read more →

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