Sleeping in the Power Sockets by Candice Ng

Prior to looking at her website and artworks, I’ve done a bit of research on Candice. As I looked into her past working experiences and exhibitions, I find myself searching for more of her works as I like the way how she explore human relations with objects in different mediums.

“She is interested to explore the frameworks of relationships that are negotiated between humans, mediated spaces and objects. Through fabricating and constructing possible futures that situate interactions with emerging technologies, both her creation of objects, its contextual narratives and interaction that ensue seeks to explore the manifold underpinnings and manifestations of technology within society.” 

-Candice Ng

Her work on ‘Sleeping in the Power Sockets” was her first MFA Solo Thesis Show in 2012, School of Visual Arts, Penn State University is an intriguing one. One of her works showcases how she relive the relationship with her deceased father through chocolate, an everyday consumable object. I agree to her point where is it important to understand man’s relationship to technology and social life by starting to understand man’s relationships to objects.

I can relate to the point where she said:
“Taking the form of bodily reactions (ie: sneezes, allergies) when one takes in specific foods, this in-grained familial DNA structures causes a child to have the same reactions to specific foods as his/her parent, similar to taking on facial features that are alike to a parent.”

I, too, have the same form of bodily reactions with my Dad. In my case, both my Dad and I sneezes (usually more than once) when we consume/smell durians. But don’t get me wrong, we both love durians very much! It is just amusing to my mum that she expects some sounds whenever we have durians together.

That being said, I look forward to hear from Candice real soon!

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