Essay Proposal

Thesis Statement:
The Song and Yuan dynasty’s culture are connected to the way ceramics evolved through aesthetic theory,  glaze, and decoration.

Song Dynasty
There is an emphasis on the arts (music, literature, art) and excellence similar to the Greeks’ arete. It is sometimes referred to as China’s golden age.

Ceramics in this era:

– elegant shapes
– monochromatic but with a depth of color
– simple

Yuan Dynasty

It was a height of scientific discoveries (mathematics, astronomy, medicine).

Ceramics in this era

– heavy and great in size
– bold with blue and red
– intricate patterns

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  1. Interesting comparison. But, why not make life easier for yourself and compare two pieces from one time period? Then, you don’t have to read about two time periods.
    Also, I am bit concerned that this connection between the Song and Yuan might be a fact–in other words, the ceramic practitioners in the Yuan dynasty are surely building on what the Song did?

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