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Lily, A Water-saving Project

Research Outline
  • Singapore’s water supply is well governed
  • Despite the sound reasons for water price hikes, there is discontentment
  • Singaporeans generally do not track their water consumption closely

To view research: CLICK HERE

Point of View (Persona)

John is an average Singaporean. Leads a hectic and fast-paced lifestyle; does not allow for him to keep track of how much water he uses for domestic purposes. Hence, his efforts to control water consumption is minimal, leans towards convenience. He needs to be aware of how much water he consumes at home so that he truly understands the intrinsic value of water as a limited resource.

How Might We?
  • How might we inspire him to make water efficiency a lifestyle choice?
  • How might we make water conservation appealing/progressive?
  • How can we turn water conservation into a communal endeavour?

{ Value Proposition }

A campaign to inspire water conscious behaviour in a manner that is fun and easy, without seemingly interfering on people’s way of life.


  • Integrate music as a campaign component
  • Provide a simple way for audience to monitor consumption
  • Encourage the sharing and engagement of user-generated content

Target Audience

  • Age group 20 – 30
  • Millennials; tech savvy

Brand Identity

|ˈlɪli| :  Based on the flower, the water lily. To differentiate this water conservation project from other campaigns (whether local or global). A human name gives it a human appeal in which audience might resonate with more (much like a mascot) and also functions as a project hook.

Deliverable 01: App

Goal setting – Motivate and enable people to be self-directed when managing water footprint.

Average 5-minute shower breakdown:

5:10  get in              0:03 sec

5:07  get wet           0:09 sec

4:58  shampoo        0:30 sec

4:28  scrub body     0:50 sec

3:38  quick rinse      0:20 sec

3:18  conditioner     0:40 sec

2:38  wash off         0:00 sec

—– Final —–

Interactive link: app prototype on XD

Deliverable 02: Video

Reminder – Serves to publicise campaign and direct audience to website.

Recorded different water sounds from around the house and remixed them into a beat

—– Final —–

Deliverable 03: Microsite

Informational – platform that anchors the campaign. Informs audience about what the campaign is about, water issues and also creates a space for them to encourage each other through self-generated content.

—– Final —–

Interactive link: site prototype on XD

And that’s it!