Final Project Proposal 1 – Hawking Hawker Web/Mobile App

You may easily found plenty of blog posts about the best cafes and brunch places in Singapore. There are plenty of of apps for you to know the review of endless lists of cafes, restaurants and bars – you can even book them too right away in the same app. Well, fair enough, hawker centres got some spotlight too. You can google the best hawker centres in Singapore, or where to find the best chicken rice and laksa with the most affordable price. However, is that all? Do you know that the un-google-able fritters stall in Newton Circus and carrot cake stall in one of the Toa Payoh hawker centres are worth the travel and fat? Do you know there are hawker centres in the middle of HDB with the best western food stalls? Isn’t it wonderful if there is a review about each of the stalls when you visit a hawker centre you have never visited before? I think, they deserve more exposure and we deserve more information.

Connecting customers and tourists to as many as possible small F&B businesses in hawker centres.

Possible Research & Interview

  1. Views and opinions about hawker centre food.
  2. Public desire to know more about the “hidden gems” of hawker centre.
  3. Prospect of businesses when their information are put up on the Internet.
  4. Preference of hawker stalls to have their information and reviews on the Internet.


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Feliciana Natali

Product Design student graduating in 2019

3 thoughts on “Final Project Proposal 1 – Hawking Hawker Web/Mobile App”

  1. Feli, it seems that two out of three of your project ideas are about cooking and food.  Of those, which do you think would be more engaging for you to research and develop further as a proof-of-concept?

    1. I think both are different in its nature. The Hawking Hawker is towards connecting more masses to more existing hawker stalls, but the Digital Cooking is something would be great to be one of art installation such as those in the Future World, or in a very unique/special eating place.

      I have a question. For proof-of-concept, should the idea be as creative as possible, or as feasible as possible? The ‘concept’, is it based on what we have learned so far from lectures, readings and example of a good user’s experience design?

  2. Hi Feli.  Please take a look at the Final Project Guidelines that I’ve posted on OSS for more detail to your question.  In short, your project should be both creative AND feasible.  I don’t think these are mutually exclusive.  By feasibility, I mean that you should demonstrate that you have done research to determine the feasibility of the project with existing and future developments in technology.

    The concept can be influenced or inspired by whatever you’ve learned in class so far but it is not required.

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