SMARDROBE: Progress & Storyboard


  • Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Finalizing concept
  • Website template
  • Storyboard


Our survey forms had been dispersed to many whatsapp groups and our social media platforms to gather at least 100 responses. From the process, we have received 168 responses, and these are the conclusion:

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Final Project Proposal


SMARDROBE is a smart wardrobe that does not only store your wearables but also knows all of your fashion collection and how to match them. SMARDROBE knows when your fashion piece had been taken out of it or is already put in; and with the screen of SMARDROBE you would be able to mix and match your OOTD using whatever outfits available in the wardrobe without digging through your hangers and piles and trying! Better still, SMARDROBE connects to your smartphone to help your smart-shopping: to avoid that double shopping of the same item. Easier, hassle-free days for greater OOTD and greater shopping! Looking good should be easy.

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Final Project Proposal 3 – “Cooking Mama” Real Life (Digital Cooking)

Some children are so avid about cooking, but parents are afraid they would get burns or cause fire. Some children are simply not exposed to cooking, because these days, home economics are not a popular subject to take in the era of booming technology. Some adults are just aspiring cook who likes to watch Tastemade, but are too afraid of real fire and boiling oil. Or, they become too lazy to cook the most mouthwatering dishes, but complicated, because it took too much space in their shared fridge.┬áIf only there is a place with a machine where children, or adults can play the cooking game, and get the real food based on how they have ‘cooked’ it.


Expose people to more cooking experience without having to manually cook it.

Possible Research & Interview

  1. Rate of people who want to cook but never do so.
  2. Rate of people who wish cooking can be as easy as “Cooking Mama”, a gameboy and Nintendo DS game.
  3. What children and adults think about cooking.
  4. Popularity of computer cooking game.


after it’s done… TADDAH

You can eat “your own cooking result!”

Final Project Proposal 2 – Digital Fitting Room

Isn’t it anxious to shop dresses online? Or shoes? Especially when it is from overseas and there is no way of shipping it back if the dress does not make us look any better or the shoes bite our feet so hard because they are slightly too small. Who wish to ‘try’ those pieces on the screen before purchasing them? I do.


Allow customers to digital try the clothes or fashion pieces before buying them online.

Possible Research & Interview

  1. Rate of dissatisfaction from buying fashion items online without having tried them.
  2. Reasons why some people do not like to buy things online.


Final Project Proposal 1 – Hawking Hawker Web/Mobile App

You may easily found plenty of blog posts about the best cafes and brunch places in Singapore. There are plenty of of apps for you to know the review of endless lists of cafes, restaurants and bars – you can even book them too right away in the same app. Well, fair enough, hawker centres got some spotlight too. You can google the best hawker centres in Singapore, or where to find the best chicken rice and laksa with the most affordable price. However, is that all? Do you know that the un-google-able fritters stall in Newton Circus and carrot cake stall in one of the Toa Payoh hawker centres are worth the travel and fat? Do you know there are hawker centres in the middle of HDB with the best western food stalls? Isn’t it wonderful if there is a review about each of the stalls when you visit a hawker centre you have never visited before? I think, they deserve more exposure and we deserve more information.

Connecting customers and tourists to as many as possible small F&B businesses in hawker centres.

Possible Research & Interview

  1. Views and opinions about hawker centre food.
  2. Public desire to know more about the “hidden gems” of hawker centre.
  3. Prospect of businesses when their information are put up on the Internet.
  4. Preference of hawker stalls to have their information and reviews on the Internet.