Ego – Final Images

This project is finally coming to an end and honestly, I had such a blast doing it!!! I think this was the project where I kinda knew what I wanted to do from the very beginning and just went with it without feeling a little lost:’)) SO HERE ARE MY FINAL IMAGES:))









3)ego_party1 +ego_party2








Unfortunately, I didn’t really manage to capture my process because I had most of the illustrations done by the time I realized that I should have screen shotted them. I did use a wacom tablet to do the illustrations and they were all hand-drawn. My process will be to first come up with a colour scheme and think through if I want my background to be plain or filled with colour. Once I roughly know the colours I want to use, I do a rough sketch on one layer. When I have that, I start colouring in the illustrations on different layers.

I have also put in my in-depth explanations for my illustrations in the images below.

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