Week 13 Pre Consult

Logline: A little boy, Kayden, gets lost in the forest and encounters a mysterious being in the woods, a legend that was well known in the villages.


Synopsis: It is believed by the villages, that deep within the forest, witches live. One day, a little boy Kayden and his older brother, Elmer, both venture into the forest, in search of herbs and other ingredients. Kayden who was so caught up in the task of finding mushrooms, unknowingly drifts from Elmer. He spots an unusual creature in the distance and realizes that it reminds him of the legend his brother told him about. Filled with curiosity, he follows the creature, leading him to a treehouse. Hiding outside of the treehouse, Kayden peers in and to his horror, sees a menacing shadow looming against the wall. Frightened out of his wits and assuming it is a witch from the legend he has heard, he attempts to escape. However, just as he was about to leave, the creature comes out of the treehouse and both Kayden and the creature gets shock, alerting the Penelope, a little girl in the treehouse.

Script (Click the link to view) 


(Not the final one, will be work on it after the consult with Jesse on Monday)

Inspiration/ Reference 

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Character designs


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