2D – EGO Project

Final Equations:

Final Images (OSS)


To create a set of designs that are more in line with my personality and style, I decided to go for a style that was slightly more quirky. Keeping that in mind, I started on a moodboard to keep me grounded in my work, and to ensure that there was consistency and coherence in my overall design.





After looking through examples, I decided to use a mix of photography and vector art for my equations. I felt that the mix of photography (real-life) and vector art (drawn on – made up) were a good reflection of how we see ourselves – a mix of reality  and what we create for ourselves/what we perceive.

I first came up with some rough ideas and sketched based on the ideas I had:

20151118_030707 copy 20151118_030659 copy

After sketching and planning the composition for each picture, I started taking photos and using illustrator to draw out the vector art I needed.

Except for the finger in the very first picture, all images and illustrations were done by me.

20151118_030611 copy 20151118_030617 copy 20151118_030623 copy 20151118_030630 copy


Rejected Images:

Draft 2-03



Final Equation:

Final Images (OSS) 20151118_030511 copy



(To be updated)