Project 3: The Library research

  1. What is the architecture layout of the space?
  2.  What (furniture, fixture) exist in the space?
    Spacious layout – concrete floors and pillars, warming lighting gives the place a very homely feel
    Furniture and fixtures:
    Bookshelves – black
    Bean bags, cushion, large white tables and chairs
    Spiral staircase leading up to
    Rows of hanging ceiling lights
    Visible air con pipes and systems in the ceiling – adds on to the spaciousness (ceiling height) and artsy feel
  3. What surrounds the place?
    Tinted glass windows – trees, roads and the sunken plaza can be seen (open concept)
    a sense of privacy in the day despite sitting next to the window
    SILENCE (almost) – people typing on their computers, clicking, soft footsteps, whispering, people trying really hard not the make loud chair noises
  4. Who goes there?
    ADM students, other faculty students
  5. How do they behave?
    Quietly, like mice.
  6. What is the level of interaction between people and the place?
    Interaction between people and library books – Moderate. The ADM Library has more picture/art books as compared to a regular library, hence I feel that the thoughts/reactions of one reading the books would definitely be interesting and more colourful.
    Interaction between people and the furniture – High.
  7. What is the level of interaction between the people?
    LOW. Due to the noise level restriction in the library, conversation between people is minimal (mostly whispers)
    Other than being engrossed in their reading/work, people in the library observe others more than they interact with them.
  8. What are people’s perception of the Library as a place?
    A place for studying, printing, or sleeping.

Possible ideas:
Silence in the library (play with triggered sounds, noisy objects? screaming monster books from harry potter)
Exploration/Observation of people from one’s personal space (binoculars/glasses?, invisilibity cloak from harry potter)
Projection of ideas as one reads (Diy hologram)

Reflection & final concept:

I seldom hang out or study in the ADM library. I would usually prefer to do my work in classrooms or tables around the school, because I find those places more comfortable. Why?
The silence in the library makes me feel uneasy. To me, the self-consciousness and stress from having to keep silent in the library is definitely not comfortable. This unspoken rule restricts us from being ourselves – we have to control our coughs/sneezes, we have to control our laughter, we have to whisper all the time.
Hence, in this project, I aim to explore on the controlled and uncontrolled aspects of the noises we make daily. Through the use of sound devices, these sounds are reintroduced back into the library as a new form of comfort, to create a safe space where people can truly be themselves.

Title: Restricted Section
Medium: 3-4 books with sound devices inside
This series of books are titled ‘Tempted’, to reflect a person’s urge to make sounds in the library
How it works: when the users opens the books, these sounds will be played
As the library is a quiet place, these sounds (despite being very common and mundane) will stand out in the library

Book covers:ew