Project II – The Singapore Diary

Changi airport has always been close to me for the past 19 years of my life. Situated only two train stops away from my old home, it’s a place of convenience and common spot for study sessions and to spend time with friends. Its unique interior and spacious concept sets it apart from normal shopping malls and libraries. Furthermore, as the world’s best airport, it offers a wide variety of dining options (cafes to restaurants to staff canteens) and spots for relaxation (viewing galleries, gardens, etc).

To me, the airport is more than just a place for travel. Through the first part of this video, I attempted to draw a contrast between what the airport is to most people and what the airport means to me. As the video progresses, the relationship between me, my friends and the airport is further revealed (as a sanctuary, a food haven and an adventure). The airport is not only a common meeting spot for all of us, but also a common point in our lives, where memories are shared between us all. Finally, the last part of the video signifies our metaphorical departure from the airport as we move on with our lives after graduation. The frequent study sessions stop, we move away, and the airport slowly becomes a distant yet nostalgic recollection.