En Pointe – Final Project


Breaking Out


Clay and metal wire.

‘Breaking Out’, inspired by ‘Steps in the Street (Devastation – Homelessness – Exile)’ by Martha Graham Dance Company, attempts to convey rigidity, cyclicity and going against the norm. Each of the three stone-like rings represents a different stage in breaking free from the rigid norm.

1: Staying within the lines, with the norm

2: Breaking away from the group presents challenges and punishment

3: Finally breaking free from rigidity but still being held back

The wire tethers all three rings together and presents a physical path for the eye to follow. Unlike the cyclic rings of clay, the wire is linear and has two ends points, thus implying a linear narrative or plot line.

The clay resembles smooth stone and thus implies a heaviness and seriousness to the work in its dull colour and connoted physical weight.

The MDF board is painted black to suit the theme of dread and doom in the dance piece as well as provide a suitable contrast for the ‘stone’ and wire.


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  1. – Your interest and experiments with each respective media comes through with your studies and final piece.

    – Although in the final model, the clay rings in themselves each had rather interesting form and textures created, the way in which they were assembled however, made one focus only on the overall composition. The rings needed to have been further differentiated in size to have actually expressed the dominant/sub-d/sub-b elements.

    – The wire that weaved and threaded through the rings could have been tested further in helping to convey the ideas of the dance piece extracted,it may have worked better without the wire altogether – the wire did not appear resolved with how it interacted with the ring pieces in the final composition.

    – Leave yourself sufficient time to plan/design the big picture composition, as the intent of the details may sometimes get lost if one is not drawn to the overall composition in the first place.

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