Remote Fishing – WindBot

The best fishing rod for remote casting and jigging.

My WindBot’s movements looked like a jigging fishing rod or a fishing rod with a fish fighting on the end of the line. So instead of keeping it a naturally controlled WindBot, I recontextualised it to a remote fishing robot.

I improved on my TypeBot’s pan and tilt structure by attaching the servos to each other to reduce wiggling, but with the wiggling attachment of a semi-flexible plastic rod. To strengthen the bond between the rod and the servo head, I moulded poly-pellets to form a new grip to interlock with the X-shaped attachment. I also added a coil of wire around the base to strengthen the plastic rod and prevent bending and snapping at the base.

The program reads x,y,z data from ZigSim gyroscope and maps it to the three servos through Processing which communicates with Arduino with Firmata.

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