3D II 003 – Submission [KINAESTHESIA: Shamora]

Dear all,
this project is done by Sheryl and I. We researched on Shark and Remora, and the final work is an inspired piece of their relationship!




The Making

As we have already documented in detail our process in the other OSS posts, this will only contain photos of the key contributing making process! 

We decided to focus on the 2 main senses of our avatar – Shamora: Touch & Sight

After much brainstorming, we finally settled on the fresh idea of WATERBED. The gentle waves of the water from within, determines the motion of the structure. This facilitates a sense of movement as u rest yourself on the waterbed. Because the shark has fluid and smooth movement, the water seemed as a great choice of material.


The PVC plastic was an ideal material to contain the water, and its high density allows it strength to keep the water in it. We then sealed the plastic 2-3 times for security.

We had put glitter and little crystals to provide a shimmering effect as the water moves. 

For enhanced user experience, we realised that only 2 layers would give a better sensation and visual effect. Therefore, we would repeat the process again to make another layer of waterbed! 

Adding on the lights – we used purple and blue cellophane papers and placed them at the light source. This gives amazing visuals as the water reflects light and it would seem as if it is glowing. 
We were inspired by this actually:



All in all, there were a lot of testing and failures, but all of that only led to improvements and ultimately a successful piece. We are proud of this whole learning experience! wink


The Product

The ferroxide rests scattered on the top surface of the waterbed, and only gathers when there is a magnetic force underneath (between the 2 layers of the water bed).


The Experience

The user experience could be said as therapeutic, gentle, and beautiful laughing 
From feedback, the colours from the lights contribute to a beautiful glow as if it’s from the water. This exciting visual gives reference to how the sharks could see in deep waters with their relatively better eyesight. The fluid waves of the water in the installation mimics the fluid nature in movement of the shark as well. Resting your hand on the water bed helps relax, as it is a very comfortable feeling.

The installation is interactive as it allows 2 people to come and play with directing the ferroxide with the use of magnet hooks. With the magnetic attraction, the ferroxide is drawn to the magnets, with a spiky appearance despite a soft texture. This shows how the remoras have micro hooks on their adhesive discs to attach themselves onto the sharks.

While interacting, your hand now works as a shark, while the ferroxide act as remoras which are attracted to you. They follow your movement, and leech onto your transport. This is a powerful and convincing demonstration.


Artists’ Statement



We absolutely love this piece of work! It hasn’t been easy at all, going through trouble with getting the right materials, trial and error for each stage of the making and spending late nights making them work! Yet, looking at the final display, it seems all worth it 🙂 

It was also a very enriching lesson, experiencing the other works by our classmates, as well as receiving valuable feedback and suggestions given by Ms Cheryl and her professional friends smile

We hope that eventually, this may have opportunity to be potentially expanded and improved into something of a larger scale, to reach out to a wider audience and perhaps also contribute to the society in terms of medical or awareness purpose! 




  1. Congratulations & well done girls! 🙂 Tim & Adriane were talking about the Shamora project & its potential well into lunch… Do include images of your fluorescent water tests & remember to upload your Shamora pdf , perhaps taking into consideration the thereupeutic applications suggested.

    Apologies again for the sound texturizer incident… 🙁 Perhaps you could add 2 or 3 glass fragments into your box & seal the square gap with a 2mm/3mm acrylic panel instead that won’t shatter… ( preferably should have used superglue or silicon seal ) It is alot more ” interactive ” withthe elastic than the initial balsa prototype & produces a different range of acoustic textures but I think ideally should retained the ” maze-like” interior… Hope you find time to update the initial sound texturizer pdf..

  2. One more thing. Include an image of your Shamora in your final pdf . Correct me if I’m wrong ,  I remember you showed me a sketch of it before but there’s no record of it on OSS.

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