Improved edition of GAYO


The Making

To improve, I have to first identify the problems or weaknesses of the current model. After feedback from the class, I have finalised on a few points:

  • A lack of different materials to give layers in sound & visual
  • Too simple

I then worked on it, by drafting out new designs which eventually turned to a musical cube idea with stretchy ends! I am inspired by:

An Accordian

the mechanism of the accordian to trigger sounds! 

As for the cube, I planned to use materials of different densities/ opacity/ and abilities to reflect light. This would encapsulate many visual effects as well as sound difference. 

Materials picked:

  • Translucent hard plastic
  • Rose gold aluminium/copper paper
  • Square glass
  • Elastic strings
  • Soft wood of 2 thickness
  • Board








  1. Oops! Wrote comments for this under your Shamora project… Thanks Candy for the upload.. Try to find time to update your Sound texturizer pdf.

  2. Also, can probably hear/ see the yoyo effect better with a longer video… Strong interactive concept though! ThanX for reworking the model..:)

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