[FDN 2D II] Point of View: pt. 1

Apologies for the tardy update!

I’m actually kind of stuck in a rut for this project: it’s too open and I have no idea where to start from or where I want to go. Since the “Tale of Three Jimmy-s” idea was the one that I received the most amount of feedback on, I think that would be the idea I’ll be working on.

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[FDN 2D II] My Name is Lewin and … FIN.

Apologies for the late post, the video took a while to upload.

I hope the video doesn’t get me sued for copyright. Write up and all will be beneath the break:

  • Explanation of the concept
  • (Not so) Brief write-ups regarding the subject, color, type choice and execution of the individual compositions
  • If I had to choose 4/6
  • Feedback received and some closing thoughts

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