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Pencil Compositions for Varoom Magazine – Obsession

Rainbow Machine 1.9.5

Rainbow Emitting World


  1. Hi Jan

    I think your rainbow machine is really starting to work. Using an isometric composition is a good idea and conveys the process and mechanical aspects of the concept well. It’s obvious that you have considered the practicalities of producing a rainbow from trash!  I’d perhaps like to see some actual trash being added to the process to ensure the concept is communicated effectively; maybe crushed cans or plastic bottles? Conceptually this is a strong idea and I think you should pursue this option. The rainbow world, although not a bad idea, seems a little weak in comparison. I’d push forward with the machine 🙂 Have a good break


  2. Hello:) I really like your idea of the rainbow machine:) The way you balance the whole composition with the tube like joints as well as the different “levels” is really working:) However, at the first look of the composition I was pretty attracted to the left side of the composition as there are quite alot of elements going on:) probably you could consider spreading the elements more equally so each part of the composition gets equal attentions?:) But if the chemical bottles and addictive color was you main focus then I think it was well delivered!:) But overall, really interesting!!!! looking forwards to the colors!:)

  3. Hi Jan!

    I really like the ‘Rainbow Machine 1.9.5’! The concept is pretty strong and there is a form of visual hierarchy for the viewer’s eyes to follow through!

    I was just wondering if the place the Trash goes in is the same ‘box’ as the place the rainbow is emitted? ^^

    More visual elements and motifs can be added to add more spice within the chutes to enhance the details of the illustrations! Really love the RGB conical flasks! I cant wait to see the colour choice for this piece!

  4. Hey Jan!

    The rainbow machine is dope. So from what I understand, trash goes in and a rainbow comes out? The details such as smoke, RGB chemicals, and heat are really interesting. As Lisa said, adding the trash parts might be a really good idea; for me, especially because as of now I couldn’t tell clearly where the flow begins and where it ends. (After reading the comments I’m assuming it would be the trash collection conveyor at the top which flows to the right side, and then on to the bottom conveyor and to the left part.)

    I think the right side wouldn’t be so empty with the trash (and flattened trash) added, so that wouldn’t be a big problem.

    Additionally, your references in the mood board seem to have quite a bit of details so I’m assuming you’re aiming for the same level of intricacy from the rainbow machine, which would work really quite well with the concept. I would try to erase the pencil marks that are not part of the machine (the guiding isometric lines) to see if the composition still works and decide what to add in case there are awkward white spaces – but that’s a small concern only 😀 Looking forward to the final!

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