Synesthesia – Work in Progress

Here’s an update of what we’ve been working on for our project Synesthesia!

Firstly, hardware wise, we built a nice little housing for all our arduino, breadboards, ink droppers and solenoids. This housing will sit right on top of the tank! Here are some pictures as to what it looks like. Three droppers are clamped onto a side of the wall so that it is easy to replace our droppers when we refill them with ink. We also put a backing behind the droppers so that when the solenoid pushes against the dropper, the backing makes sure that there will be enough force to make the ink drop.

Next, software wise, we had to alter our codes to make it such that processing and arduino would still work when we use a single laptop for 2 arduinos (for our final project we would need 3). It worked!¬†Here’s a video of it working. password: teapot.

^woo messy codes and a broken screen.

After that, we put our arduino and breadboard in our housing box, and it also works!!! Here’s a video of DB demonstrating very happily that it works.¬†password: teapot.

Now that our project is more or less together, we’re just left with fine tuning details and some other technical things.

So here’s what we’re gonna be working on for now:

- fix lid onto housing

- try processing with 3 arduinos connected

- fix power supply issue 

- finalise our 3 objects + sounds

Stay tuned for more updates!

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