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Somebody I Used to Know – Brainstorming Process

Planning of initial storyboard:

  1. CU of phone screen
  2. CU of Felicia’s facebook profile
  3. MS of the main character, Joel. (Revealing of his face)
  4. ECU of Joel’s eyes in the windscreen
  5. Two shot of Joel and Felicia (with Joel being in foreground and Felicia in the background) – FLASHBACK
  6. ECU of Felicia’s gripping hands to establish tension – FLASHBACK
  7. MCU of Joel being mad – FLASHBACK
  8. MCU of Joel looking guilty
  9. CU of Joel attempting to change gear
  10.  MS of Joel holding on to Felicia’s hand -FLASHBACK
  11. ECU of Felicia’s eyes to show expressions – FLASHBACK
  12. CU of Joel’s hands about to slap – FLASHBACK
  13. MS of Joel
  14. Two shot of Joel and Felicia, mood tense
  15. MCU of Felicia, holding on to her cellphone – FLASHBACK
  16. MS of Police officer leading Joel away
  17. CU of legs
  18. CU of phone. Text from drug dealer. Plot twist at the end



An idea of what happens behind the scene: 

@ ADM Library

@ Tamarind Carpark

@ ADM 

In Hannah’s Car!

The intended effect that we aimed to achieve was an up close and personal shot whereby we can focus on Joel’s emotions through still images. (Since emotions are easier to translate through videos, having a still photo film will be significantly challenging).

Apart from that, we included flashback scenes to our Non-Linear story plot. The flashback scenes will be desaturated to black and white, while the scenes that took place in present time will be coloured. However, in the post-production, I will play with the colours adjustment control in Lightroom to achieve the kind of effect I want.


Take for example:


Before and After. The processed photograph looked a whole lot moodier. This is the constant effect I will have in my final video work.



Story flow