4D Project 2 : Impossibilities Of A Being

The word that I choose to use is dream. To me, I saw the word dream as with both literal and figurative meaning. My dream is to become a fashion designer in the future but at the same time i can only see it happening as a reoccurring dream to have and not fulfil. The sequence of photos represent how I dream about being a designer by drawing sketches and visualising fashion show of the clothes that I produce. However, this is not only a dream but in reality I am also trying to achieve that dream and hence the sketches and fashion are actually real. They are real actions of me trying to achieve my dream within my literal dream. I used lights as a representation of dreams and hence kept the presence of light consistent in all the photos. I was inspired by Tumblr photos through the lack and use of light to set the mood of the photos. I understood how the different use of lighting can affect the mood of the photos. I also realised how interesting but challenging to photograph shadows.

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