Initial Ideation:

I chose to base my project on clams and seashells as the main “character” of my piece. Once, I went to a talk at the local Science Centre, the ┬áspeaker was showing us what the shells were made of which is essentially just calcium carbonate and how it actually stores carbon dioxide as it is being formed. I wanted to touch on this topic as I feel that seashells are very underrated in terms of being known for their benefits other than merely for decoration purposes. I want to raise the awareness on the importance of seashells and it benefits to the world.

93% of carbon dioxide on Earth is actually found in the ocean. It is very important to maintain the balance of the carbon dioxide in the ocean as it results in the ph level in the ocean. A slight change in Ph level of the water could kill many species of sea creatures. With the increase in pollution and generation of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, it is important to maintain the balance of the level of carbon dioxide in the ocean. As the death of species would in turn affect humans as well, thus I want people to be more aware and try to conserve sea creatures with seashells in order to maintain the well- being of the eco-system for generations to come.


Other than that I am also fascinated by the colours of the abalone shell. The irregularity and the iridescent colours on the shell makes it look really unique and precious. It is almost like a hidden surprise as it is found in the inner part of the abalone shell. I would very much like to show that wow factor and concept in my piece.Image result for abalone shell


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