OSS Symposium: Mobile Cam Exercise #2



For this mobile cam exercise, I will start my journey at the ADM bustop. Its significant to me because I’m one of the 300 odd students who signed a petition to have this bus top with a public bus route. (prior to this it was only purely decorative and there were no buses that would stop there)

Quite recently, this giant dandelion sculpture was built to accompany this lonely bus top and its beautiful at night cos the whole sculpture lights up (i think they are LED lights) and would look great on webcam, in my opinion.


Then I move along, the the art pastry cafe alfresco dining where some people would be dining.DSC_1953

Then I’ll head to the automated door to the indoor dining space (this door makes a cool automated sound)DSC_1954

Then I’ll show you the adm cafe counter (but it would be closed by night)DSC_1955

people dining at the cafe  with ambient noise and talking..DSC_1956

Then i’ll walk the way down to the corridor leading up to the lobby. (you can hear echoes here sometimes)DSC_1957DSC_1959

Then we’ll head to the lobby where there is the Vishwaroop exhibition by one of the ADM professors which is really cool (you’ll see the whole thing in a bit)DSC_1960

We’ve reached the lobby! (Sound is abundant here – from the chattering of people hanging out at the arm lounge to the tings of the lift) HAHADSC_1962

Here is my contribution to pirate pad: Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 11.29.36 AM Screen shot 2015-03-25 at 11.29.44 AM

Micro-Project IV: Telematic Embrace


This post comes a little late cause the most frustrating thing that can ever happen when working with digital files happened to me – i lost my screenshot. OK, I didn’t quite lose it – I’m pretty sure its somewhere in my hard drive but I can’t quite figure out where it is so I was unable to post my entry for awhile 🙁

Undeterred by my minor setback, I asked MJ if he would be keen to try out the telematic embrace once more with me over Adobe Connect. However, – another minor setback- we realised that without Randall, the administrator online, we couldn’t turn on our video cameras. Thus, we made do with Skype (and still had problems split-screening the graphics).

All that aside, we managed to read a book together in the virtual space!


p/s: many many many thanks to MJ who took some time off his recess week to achieve this with me!