Foundation 4D assignment1



Task 1: Me


My favorite animal is cat.


I like cats, and I am like a cat. I like hidding. I do not like appearing on the front stage.


So I like hidding behind the camera, and I enjoy doing backstage work such as post production.


Task 2: The Object


I always play with my phone no matter when and where.





…and I feel joyful when I am texting to my families and friends who live far away from here.


Task 3. My World

As a foreigner, Changi Airport means the start of my happy time because when I am in the airport, it usually means that I will go back to my hometown and enjoy vacation. So I choose to capture Changi Airport in different angles.

place-1_1 place-2_1 place-3_1 place-4_1 place-5_1