Foundation 4D assignment1



Task 1: Me


My favorite animal is cat.


I like cats, and I am like a cat. I like hidding. I do not like appearing on the front stage.


So I like hidding behind the camera, and I enjoy doing backstage work such as post production.


Task 2: The Object


I always play with my phone no matter when and where.





…and I feel joyful when I am texting to my families and friends who live far away from here.


Task 3. My World

As a foreigner, Changi Airport means the start of my happy time because when I am in the airport, it usually means that I will go back to my hometown and enjoy vacation. So I choose to capture Changi Airport in different angles.

place-1_1 place-2_1 place-3_1 place-4_1 place-5_1



Author: Wang Ruotong

Puss in green screen.

2 thoughts on “Foundation 4D assignment1”

  1. I love your task 3– especially the photo on Jinan (your homeland). On the other hand, I feel like you might want to blur the figures in the background for the photo in task 2, in order to shift more of the focus towards your action and emphasize your point on how you remain immersed in your own world with your mobile phone.

  2. Actually I really like the meaning that you mentioned at class, especially for the task 2 and 3, sound like something hidden it and we are all interested to explore the expression behind the story. Anyway,keep it up!

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