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Over the past assignments, i realised that i never rly played around with presentation very much. So i thought i should definitely give it a thought about how i should arrange my visuals. I came up with two arrangement ideas and choosing one of the two was quite a thought because it would totally affect the look of my work. I decided to stay with the arrangement which i call Analytical arrangement where i feel makes the work more exposed in terms of personal expression which is going to be a challenge and i am honestly slightly skeptical about it because i dont feel completely comfortable talking about myself to people.

I also decided to leave behind my math tendencies for a bit. After thinking about the equations that i came up with i thought im not entirely a math person so i didnt think i should express myself entirely out of equations. its rly too much math even for me although i do love math hahah…

So instead, i decided to do something that i felt was something that was more comfortable. I decided to use symbols to express my ideas. Here, the eye representing the realistic part of me and my heart representing the idealistic part of me. And these two are forever wrestling in me.



DSC_1643 DSC_1644

I am using the colours violet and red, tending more to the play of analogous harmony and contrast to show the wrestling of these two sides of me. For now i am playing around with mediums. In these pieces i am practicing the combining of the symbols of the eye and heart to show how i try to have these entities come together to work.

DSC_1645Playing with poster colour, trying to see how these colours can blend and transit.

I am currently quite stuck on how to move forward so i decided i should at least play around a bit to get myself moving and i hope something will click and i’ll know better what to do. (idk if other assignments are clogging my creative mind but i hope that won’t be an excuse).


I am also playing with natural light in one of my equations. I believe in the values of nature and i believe that these values will help me move forward towards the ideal where the real and ideal coexist. What will nature light up for me? idk. Currently i confess that my progress seems to be in broken pieces imo. But I am truly grateful that Joy was able to make the assignment extension and i hope this extension really helps me work for a better result for this final assignment. I definitely need this time to further reflect so that i feel good about what im doing for this assignment. But for now, this is what i have!

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  1. Hi Hsin Wei, the idea of a combination of iconography (e.g. heart and eye) is visually compelling. This is coupled with the great blend of colours. Perhaps you can look up artists who have had duality in iconographic representations or ambiguity in their choice of depiction – then have a look at the way in which they have addressed colour theory to ‘resolved’ or ‘heightened’ this tension between the different subject matters. 🙂

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