Project 1

Feeling: Calm

The calm feeling when I am at the peak of the mountain. Hiking is one of the activities that I like to do. The wind breeze at the top of the mountain make me feel calm and carefree.

Feeling : Happiness

The happiness I felt whenever I go to Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan and I have many wonderful memories in Taiwan. However, I had lived in Singapore for many years, some of the happy memories are starting to fade away.

Feeling : Excited

I feel excited about every overseas trip with my friends. It has always been a fun and adventurous trip.

Feeling : Sadness

The sadness emotion that I felt when I first come to Singapore. There is also the feeling of loneliness.

Feeling : Pain

The pain that I felt when my skin rub against the pavement. When I was young, I like to play catching with my friends. Therefore, I always fall down often and leaving a scar. 

Feeling : Fear

I feel fear every time there is a submission of work. There is an uncertainty about whether I done the work correctly or not. I always sense an urgency when the dateline gets nearer. 

Project 1 Mark Making Research

As a textile artist, Susan has embarked on a life transforming journey into the world of colour, design and pattern. Working with textiles has become her method of self expression and the focus of her methods of communication.


Silvia Pelissero, a painter best known as Agnes Cecile, was born in Rome, Italy. She has become a successful self-taught artist known for her layered, gorgeous watercolor work. Agnes Cecile creates rich, emotional human portraits using humble images coupled with abstract color and detail.


Research on images of different feelings