Assignment 1 Part 1

Find two maps of a building or place you have visited – one map is badly designed and the other is well designed.  Be prepared to explain your examples and bring maps to class. Think of a time you were lost in a place and write in your journal how and why you got lost.  What about the user experience didn’t work for you?

I was not able to find two maps of a same place, but found two different maps for different places instead!

Good Map: Macritchie Reservoir


Good points:

  • Very straightforward, only a few paths deviating from the main trails
  • Useful and concise information given (such as the distance, time taken and difficulty level)
  • Colour-coded trails and accurately drawn map, with landmarks stated
  • Important facilities like toilets and bus stops also clearly illustrated using icons
  • The trails have many sign boards which indicate direction and distance
  • Rules and precautions stated. Important contact info stated. (however, the opening hours and days for Tree-Top walk not stated)

“Bad” Map: National Gallery Singapore


Good points:

  • Colour-coded areas according to category (F&B, retail stores, galleries, etc)
  • Clear icons
  • Both top-down and side views given


Bad points:

  • Maps of buildings with many levels and information are generally confusing
  • After going through a gallery, it is hard to remember where you entered and where you are headed to next. Galleries have similar interiors
  • Colours quite close (turquoise, blue and sea green) force you to refer to the legend to double check what it is. Do bright red= important areas? Which areas do we take note of? Also, the red areas are not labelled in the legend.
  • Tiring to keep referring to the map and having to reopen it, so it felt better to just explore without the map
  • No guide where to start from and progress
  • Time consuming to fully comprehend the map

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