Dome Iterations

Inspired by the orchid for its out-of-the-world, irregular form.

Top right (previous design) Bottom 3 (3 iterations)



Things to include while detailing (& Observations from sail ships):

  • tensional strings to hold down the structures and the connection
  • Rain cover (using tensile screens)
  • Fabric joints (because large pieces of fabric are joint by many smaller pieces)
  • bulge within pieces of fabric because of inflation

Updates on the detailing (& Eye level view)

  • Opted for a less exaggerated inflation because the outcome looks better than that for a rounded air chamber/tube-ish thing.  Looks more subtle with shallower indents between each air tube. This means that the way the fabric joins will be at the curved area.
  • Large pieces of fabric sewn vertically, so that theres no fabric joining marks on the exterior surface.

What if the screen is curved upside down?

Inspiration of the entrance area taken from the curvature of the orchid.

Curvature of the entrance is more ergonomic for a projection from a human’s POV from the ground. Neck tilt cannot be too high otherwise it will look like watching from the front seat of the cinema. A human being’s depth of vision is 114 degrees horizontal-wise. Considering that, I have to decide how big the seating area is. From the center of the cinema, a person must be able to see the whole screen. 

Two screen curvatures.

Both intersection marks the area where a person sits. First picture shows back of the theatre while the second shows the middle of the the theatre.


Orchid-Inspired designs research


More Modifications 

• Tilted the panels for more organic look and feel. Straight lines are too geometric in appearance, vertical lines create a sense of seriousness.

Tried joining the edges of opposite panels together so that the ends can e pulled downwards together, but it will create more sense of rigidness.
1.6 m tall view at entrance

So that the entrance can be more obvious.


Interior View

First man standing at center. Second man standing at the circumference.


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  1. Good idea! Now bring The Eye point to say 1. 5 or 1.6 metres and looks at it from all angles. this would give you an idea of how it will look like…

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