Inflatable Cinema and Seats (Presentation 5 Slides and Images)

Presentation 5 Kiniodeon V3_red

Version 3

Version 4

References: Lotus temple, Sydney Opera House

Comments from Peer

  1. Bring back stacked tilting chair instead of inflated.
  2. Opt for a more opened up form.
  3. Spot printing tribal patterns on the surface of the inflatable dome.

My references:

Ron Resch‘s geometric tessellated origami folding, folded structures which offer more possibilities than Buckminister Fuller’s Geodesic Domes. They are easy to set up, offer many shape possibilities, and they are visually stimulating with planes and patterns. (BMF’s domes can be constructed in very limited ways – with tensile supports and fabric, and full inflation with air blowers.)




3 thoughts on “Inflatable Cinema and Seats (Presentation 5 Slides and Images)”

    1. Peer, the topmost image is the rendered version of said seats…form wise, it’s shapes for any method of seating, most importantly a rounded bottom for tilting.

      I showed you this last Friday but I was under the impression that this is not “it” because the shape is different from the rest of the space. Is it because of the arrangement?

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