DIP project – Blue Group progress update

We are currently figuring ways to render different kinds of light to have it closely present what we envision they will look like in the location of MBS. We are also exploring the placement of each sculpture in relation to one another, so they are not packed too tightly together, but also give users a visual connection.

Group 4 – iLight Proposal 2


Group 4 iLight concept proposal 2

Inspired by artist Akinori Goto’s dancing light sculpture, we aim to focus on the concept of “regeneration of energy and circle of life”. The sculpture paints a narrative of a life cycle frame by frame. As the sculpture spins, the frames join together to illustrate a story. Each time, there will be one user that spins it by just pushing the zoetrope, and multiple viewers can view it at the same time.

[Video: Dancing sculpture by Akinori Goto]

3D-Printed Light-Based Zoetrope by Akinori Goto

Theme: Lifecycle, regeneration

# of Users: 1 user interact with it each time and multiple viewers at the same time

Input: Users just need to push it and it will start spinning

Output: Lights and Sound

Possible Materials: Acrylic or 3D print, Zoetrope-like sculpture

Current questions and future considerations:

  • Scale of the sculpture, it if is too small it might be feasible
  • Design of each frame: might need a lot of manpower to illustrate the story
  • Should the narrative be more “literal” hence easy to understand, or should it be more open for interpretation?
  • How to get users to understand the concept relating to sustainability better

Research on iLight festival 2017

Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3

I did not have the chance to attend the iLight Festival 2017, so I found some pictures online. But the pictures do not do them justice because I couldn’t see them in action. The year’s topic is nature, the artworks I prefer usually shows a big contrast with the urban landscapes.

Picture 1 and 2 show the artwork done by a Stockholm-based artist Aleksandra Stratimirovic, the artist called it the Northern Light. The artwork was showcased at many places. And this time the artist brought her version of ‘northern light’ to  Singapore iLight festival where people has no chance of viewing the real aurora.  Right as Marina Bay’s Waterfront, it creates a dreamy scene that contrasts with Singapore’s cityscape.

Picture 3 is an artwork called ‘Urchin’. It was set against Singapore’s Urban skyline. The motif on urchins reminded people of Chinese paper cutting. To me, the big scaled sculpture represents the nature and traditional culture, that still remain in the modern society of Singapore.