Week 1 (Aug 14)


Intro to User Experience

What is user experience? What does it mean to create user-centered experiences? Why do some products satisfy customers while others are frustrating? How can you create more empathetic user experiences?

In Class

Students will analyze the user experience of ADM building. Carefully observe and document with photos the way finding of the building (location, entrances/exits, signage, spatial organization etc.). Look at its ease of use. Observe how the design of the building affects behavior. Be thoughtful and critical about what works and doesn’t work. Be prepared to share findings in class and discuss observations.

Map a sketch of your experience above pointing out areas that are confusing and areas that are not confusing.

Share your findings in class.


Choose two objects that you use every day (you cannot pick mobile phones or laptop/computer) and analyze their design using the principles described in Chapter 1 of The Design of Everyday Things. Imagine describing what the object is and what it’s designed to do to someone who has never seen it before. Is it intuitive or frustrating? Come up with three ways to alternate the design for that object and see how it changes its function. Make drawings and notes in your journal.




CH 1 Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things (1988) – the-design-of-everyday-things-revised-and-expanded-edition