Week 11 (Oct 30-no class)


Project Development

In Class

You will use the time in class to work on your project. Everyone will be expected to do the following and post to OSS by the end of class:

1. Refine the project proposal and write a clear and concise description.  List team members and responsibilities.

2. Create a project timeline that includes all aspects of development including 

– identifying the design challenge

– research

– interviews and surveys

– analysis of data gathered

– prototyping and re-iterating design

– bodystorming, planning

– production of movie

– final presentation

For the timeline, you can use a gantt chart or other preferred project management tool which I’ve posted on OSS.


Continue to prepare final project and design fiction/proof of concept movie. Your assignment for the week is to create an edit of your movie so we can look at your progress in class next week.