Week 8 (Oct 9 + Oct 11)


Monday 9 Oct:  Group Project Updates + Planning Site Visit

– Work with your groups to prepare the site visit & presentation to iLight on 16 October.

**WEDS 11 OCTOBER: 7:00-8:30pm
Site visit of Marina Bay for iLight Project Proposals
Meet in front of ArtScience Museum at 7:00pm!!!

AND make sure to bring the MAP that is provided you in the iLight call for proposals that I shared.  You will use it to make notes for your proposals.

In Class


  • Share the progress for final projects in class
  • Discuss Löwgren/Stolterman and Goodwin readings


Decide with your group what site in iLight your proposal will go.  Post your progress on project proposals onto OSS.

Use the photos and other notes to illustrate how your proposal would look on the site.