Week 5 (Sept 11)


Groups for iLight Projects:
DIP Group 1:
Team Leader Tai Wei Zhong Ivan (TAIW0006@e.ntu.edu.sg)
ADM Group 1: Team Leader Chris Tan

DIP Group 2: Team Leader Muthiah Vanmathi (VANMATHI001@e.ntu.edu.sg) + DIP Group 2 Proposals.docx
ADM Group 2: Team Leader Ho Ping

DIP Group 4: Team Leader Dexter Chiang Hai Zhong (DCHIANG002@e.ntu.edu.sg)
ADM Group 4: Team Leader Valerie Ye Min

DIP Group 6: Team Leader Tsai Hao Wei (TSAI0012@e.ntu.edu.sg)
ADM Group 6: Team Leader Kaywerlyn Yip


Concepts and Themes

Cultural Sustainability versus Environmental Sustainability
Immersive Experience

Not what’s lost but appreciating what is there already…re-appreciating our environment etc.

Mirror, abstracted geometric surfaces

Climate Change, pollution, and visualisation of these based on audience input (touch or footstep or proximity)

Messages too literal…what would a poetic way to communicate ideas be instead?  What’s the balance between having a clear message to convey to audience yet creating an evocative experience?

Instead of being literal using recyclable materials, look into materials that can extend their use beyond the festival.

Example of Moonflower piece where audience takeaway or participation contributes to fundraising.

Cultural sustainability…preserving Singapore culture?

Emotional sustainability…stress and managing emotional well being

Interactivity – instead of walking up to something, what are some other kinetic mechanisms for interaction?

Interactive sensors – challenge is dealing with crowds (more than one person)

Audio – how to use it effectively

Alternative to the tree leaves – balloons expanding and contracting or some other more abstract concept.

Converting Kinetic energy to electrical energy (bicycle or ?)

Tackling awareness of overuse of plastic bags

How do you make people aware of the amount of energy they are producing and consuming?

Scalability of idea…and understanding user needs or expectations at the festival.


Meet with your group mates from IEM and develop a project proposal together for iLight.  You might develop a new project or adapt one already in progress.  Discuss and decide among your group.

Use the Concepts and Themes discussed in the class to help your brainstorming.

Post your ideas for project proposals onto OSS.

Here is a Technical Drawing from an SUTD proposal that you can reference.