Week 7- Digital Tutorial


19 September

In Class: Digital Tutorials Introduction to image editing in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Group 3: Topic: Principles (Golden ratio, symmetry, balance, emphasis, unity)
Presentation on week 7,19 September Najiha  and Filzah will be moved to Week 8- after the Recess


Digital Tutorials

Link to PDF

Step by step half tone_2016


Some other resources:

Photoshop Treshold Effect

Take your ORIGINAL collage image and in Photoshop
1) Change to Grey scale (IMAGE>Gray Scale)

2) Go To Image >Adjustment > Threshold>

3) Adjust the slider to value that looks good with your design


Half Tone

Any Gray areas in design could be converted to halftone via bitmap.






exampleht-2 exampleht-1


Select one of your motifs in half tone and print /copy on two transparencies A4 size.

Double and tape