In today’s lesson (week 7), we learned about Sound and Image.

“Films are 50% visual and 50% sound. Sometimes sound even overplays the visual.” – David Lynch

We learned about functions of sound in films with examples such as Twin Peaks and Ocean’s Eleven on how sound give information.

  • Diegetic vs Non-diegetic sound
  • Non-Simultaneous Sound (Rent, Blue Velvet)
  • Synchronous Sound (The Pianist – Played on the spot)
  • Postsynchronisation Dubbing
  • Off-screen sound (Yi Yi)

We must think of what technique of sound to use depends on the style of the film. We must also think of sound perspective of who and what is present and their relative importance to the film’s narrative.

For assignment 2, I look into David Lynch for inspiration, here are the initial research:

Mulholland Drive – Diner Scene

Lost Highway – Mystery Man

I will be working on Task 1 and I want to pick Psychological Thriller and Drama-Comedy.

For the Psychological Thriller, I decided to base on my old assignment from 2010 in Polytechnic.

Listen here:

References would be trying to get the mood of these thriller trailers:


It will in-cooperate rain, forest, fog and wild animal noises as the protagonist tries to escape from his nightmare. It will be based on my first assignment’s character, where he is in a total mental breakdown after his older brother commit suicide. The sound story will explore him being haunted by his fear and anxiety growing even more after his own anchor in life in now gone. It will be take place in a metaphysical realm represented by a dense forest with wild animals like crows and wolves.


For the Drama-Comedy, I will base it on a simple screenplay I did during Narrative writing class that I thought could be use as a basis for this assignment:


Some additional info can include like the character’s wife and crying baby, answering phone call and tone of his voice, after being very stress.

Some example for mood and feel include the following trailers:

Though I don’t think it is directly related, I want to give the vibe that “things just couldn’t get worse, can it?” vibe.