The first exercise from my new 2D class. It was good chance to start all over. First up is the Hello, My Name Is exercise.

The very first step when receiving the brief is to do thumbnail sketches, both as warm-up and also as exploration of ideas.



The first image is Typography. It is inspired partly by my introvert self. I don’t usually like talking and I prefer texting or messaging instead of phone call. The artwork is done in pen because I like drawing in pen. I also decided to go with lower case sans serif because their characteristic is what I feel that represents me. Clean, casual, easy-going yet at the same time seems out of place as names are not usually spelled with the first letter being lower case.



This Tumblr post above was also part of my inspiration behind the design because of my anxious nature.


Next is the Abstract. I was inspired by patterns and recurring abstract motif. I decided to pick this design because of the pattern felt complete and incomplete at the same time. When it is viewed as an overall, it felt like a complete design but look at it closer and you will realize some parts of the diamonds are not closed along with the cruel drawing and colouring gives it a sense of imperfection. Cool colors were also used to bring in the emotions of what I am trying to convey.



Another inspiration of the design was also from the anime – Cardcaptor Sakura. These 2 cards (The Illusion & The Maze) are special in that they are not personified (like most of the cards) and instead were given an abstract form to indicate their┬ámagical abilities.


Lastly is the Conceptual image. I chose to represent myself using a cat, more specifically Nachos, a Mackerel Tabby Domestic Shorthair who lives in my hall. I befriended this cat since the start of last semester. It was a tough period for me as all my cats back at home has passed away and being in a new school and environment makes me nervous, but Nachos was there to ensure everything will be okay with his carefree attitude.

I also decided to go with cats as I am a passionate cat lover and I find that many attributes related to cat is similar to who I am as a person (or who I aspire to be). In this design, I used an image of Nachos sleeping as I am by nature a pretty lazy person. I also included a window to further show my separation from the outside world.


cat photos

I sometimes get carried away with the amount of photos I took of Nachos…


The exercise name itself reminded me of Adele’s Hello and it made me recall of this post by the school’s Cat Management Network. Hello from the Nachos side~~~

My favorite out of all 3 would be the Conceptual one as I identify with cats the most. Most of my 2D assignments last semester also have cats as my subjects and I hope this will allow me to make even better cat related artworks.