On the first few lessons, we learned about the very basic of Japanese culture. Looking up online got me some sources that I thought might be useful to enhance our knowledge of Japanese art:

Khan Academy / Art of Asia – Japan (Website)


With a combination of text and video, I find this website a good supplement to what was taught in the classroom. The only downside is that it only covers till Edo period.

What Is The Ancient Japanese Religion Shinto? (YouTube)

The Shinto religion is old, like really old. So old that it wasn’t even called Shinto when it first started. This video talks briefly on the history before talking about how closely linked Shinto is to the Japanese people.

Japan in the Heian Period and Cultural History: Crash Course World History 227 (YouTube)

Hosted by one of my favorite human being of all time, John Green (author of novels like The Fault in Our Stars; Will Grayson, Will Grayson; Paper Towns), this educational video have a rather high production value for a YouTube video. It talks about the aristocrats during the Heian period. This is a pretty useful video for getting more background information on Japan during that period.

HISTORY OF IDEAS – Wabi-sabi (YouTube)

Perhaps the most relevant to us right now. This video is part of the School of Life YouTube channel and in this video it talks about the history and concepts behind Wabi-Sabi.