Cinemagraph of moving crowd

Had this idea of a sea of people, or a huge crowd with an individual. Wanted to focus on a portrait with a moving background.  I was thinking of how I could frame the background and where I could place my subject.  Was thinking where it would be crowded but would have a nice colourful background, therefore I chose town, Bugis.

This is the completed GIF

Its a little small, because the biggest upload size is 3MB 🙁

The main issue I faced was the crowd flow and it affected the loop of the video. If it was more crowded the effect would have been more aesthetic.

Also stray hairs. Remind me to bring hair spray next time.

A short out take video of my awkward subject 🙂


I do hope to make a better cinemagraph next time 🙂

A film project about myself

Been wanting to make a video about myself. Perhaps now I will really give it a try!

Some video references:

How I’d want to begin my video: Through growing up and some visual history of myself

Some of my passions:

This channel features going around shooting in film


Rooted From Nature ​ ​ ​

Photo Journal

Below is is a compilation of short notes and some thoughts I have for everything photography related. Though some are not fully documented and I am still always adding to my journal. I have a separate journal with artist names and things that a title tracker.

Helios’s Pursuit – Mid Term

Access Slides here!

Sources and bibliography