Task 4: Deliverable 2_Instagram Campaign

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The tpobs stands for The Price of Being Single, which is a board game that addressed the issue of the invisible discrimination that single people face in life. This board game creates an immersive role-playing experience, making players experience all the inconvenience that single people face in a fun and joyful way, which will lead to reflection on mindsets and presumptions. Together we can create a more inclusive and friendly society.
This Instagram campaign is designed to accompany and promote the game. The interactive media includes Instagram feeds and stories, the content also includes two parts. One is the promotional feed with detail image of the design elements in the game to attract the target audience, and it also includes incentives to encourage discussion about this social issue under hashtag #tpobs. The second part is the statistics related to this issue and quotations from interviews, to inform audience and raise awareness.



Profile Page Overlook
Instagram Stories
Promotional/Introduction Feeds
Statistics & Quotations