Creative Industry Report – Seismique

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My current career trajectory leans more towards freelancing as an artist or interactive designer, and I found an immersive museum called Seismique, which invites collaboration between artists to showcase their separate works while maintaining a common thematic in an immersive space. Seismique is a mixed-media museum featuring larger than life art installations and immersive environments. It is the brainchild of Steve Kopelman and Josh Corley, two world travellers and haunted house and escapes room creators who sensed a need for art that defies frames, glass cases, and other barriers that keep the viewer at a distance. They took over a 40,000 square-foot former storefront and created this museum with 40 themed experiences by local and international artists. 

Some works that Seismique includes is Brainwash by Joshuah Jest, Venus by Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, and Eden by David Carry and Brian Val Habisreitinger. Brainwash portrays a room consisting of 200 LED panels, and invites the viewer to be immersed in the everchanging environments shown. Venus is a multicoloured crochet room that emulates a huge hammock. Eden invites viewers into an Avatar inspired space where abstract fluorescent forest scapes are carved throughout the room and are cast with black light, ultra-violet reactive paintings and three large holograms.

Apart from creating immersive and enjoyable artworks for people of all ages, Seismique also opens up this venue for events for different corporations and provides support to the local art community. In addition, they provide workshops to hone the younger generation for technology-driven learning opportunities. As a freelancer, I think starting out in a collaborative space is a good way to learn and boost my skill set while learning from other artists. Also, doing something I like which also gives my audience a new sense of wonder is something I can see myself doing in the long term.


Behind the scenes at Seismique, Houston’s new interactive playground